The wide range of disability services we provide you at Kirra, to help you reach the furthest of your goals and bring out all your potential.

Community Nursing Care

Here, at Kirra Health Care, we do all that we can to help the disabled feel valued by the community that he lives with, be it at home and within the society at large

Here, individuals are given all the training and disability support that they need to live independently and even go a step ahead by contributing in different ways to society by way of education, employment, and other forms of capacity building. 

Individuals are trained to not just perform daily activities smoothly but also to travel and develop the different skills that they are born with. In short, we can say that at Kirra, our aim is to help an individual arrive at his overall development and welfare in society. 

Here, at Kirra, we aim to understand an individual inside out so as to come with just the right kind of therapeutic support that they need to deal with the different challenges they face in their day to day lives like bullying, aggression and other such forms of hostility meted out to them by society

Working hand in hand with the NDIS therapeutic support workers, we are ever vigilant to our patients and their diverse needs, be it physical or mental, making sure that help is always at hand at any time of crisis

In other words, we can say Kirra Health Care makes it its responsibility to give these disabled individuals a world that is safe and comfortable for them to live and grow in. 


Our physiotherapy services include preventive, curative, and rehabilitative care, all aimed at making a disabled person recognize his worth and see how he can contribute to society. 

Here we make sure that our patients maintain a healthy lifestyle in all areas of life be it physical, mental, emotional, or social for their overall growth and development at all times. Kirra aims at helping patients reach a level where they can provide optimum participation in the society that they live in and feel valued by it. 

At Kirra Health Care, we make sure that our disability employment services are not just meant to support but also enhance lives, promote independence, and bring out positive outcomes for each individual who is struggling with a disability. At Kirra Health Care, you have a team that works closely with our people, assisting them in their daily activities as well as personal development and engagement in the community, tailoring a personalized disability support plan to cater to every individual’s unique needs. 

Why Choose Us

At Kirra Health Care, we serve you with passion, a passion for making a difference in the life of every individual we serve. That said, are just a few other things you can expect from us as your NDIS service provider.

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Kirra supports

Experienced and qualified professionals: 

Kirra supports you through a team of professionals that are experienced, qualified and committed towards providing its patients with the best quality disability employment services to make him the best of what he is and feel included in the society that he lives in.

Personalized support plans: 

At Kirra, we understand that each individual is unique and work likewise in developing their various goals and needs. Here, patients receive a plan that is personalized to support them in the best way by meeting each of their unique challenges and needs. 

Personalized support plans
Compassionate care:

Compassionate care: 

At Kirra Health Care, we serve you with compassion and understanding, with a team that is committed towards supporting you with all the empathy and respect you need. 

Kirra gives its patients an environment where they are valued, respected and feel included at all times apart from receiving the disability support that they need. 

Focus on independence and quality of life: 

Here at Kirra, we believe that every individual deserves to be independent and make it our goal to improve their quality of life. It is to this end that Kirra works closely with each of its individuals, making sure that they reach their full potential.

Focus on independence and quality of life:
Get in Touch:

Get in Touch:

Have a loved one who needs the care of us at Kirra? Then get in touch for we are here for you, always at your assistance and ready to welcome you. Contact us to learn more and know that here at Kirra, we are always there for you.