About Us

A nursing home that welcomes with open arms all the disabled and dear ones of the disabled who dream for a better life and better tomorrow.

Every human being wants to feel accountable and valued. And this is true even for disabled individuals, for whom life need not revolve only around being able to meet their daily needs.

There are dreams to achieve, ambitions to work on, and goals to reach, and it is with this in mind that Kirra Health Care comes into the picture, working with the families of these individuals in helping them realize and meet their needs. 

That said, Kirra Health Care is a nursing home providing such individuals with the right disability services because we believe that every individual has the right to feel valued by the community.

This is a nursing home that does not just provide disability services but goes ahead in understanding the individual’s feelings, in little things like wanting to travel independently, not feel like a burden to their family and communities, and enjoy their own worth, self-respect, and autonomy. Kirra Health Care covers people suffering from all kinds of disabilities, be they cognitive, intellectual, sensory, neurological, physical, or even psychosocial, helping them be more independent in their homes and outside the community and at the same time, making themselves feel useful and of value to the society at large.  

This is done by working hand in hand with the National Development Insurance Scheme (NDIS), a statutory agency that provides disability services to individuals in Australia by way of funds, job opportunities, and new skills that these individuals can take up to find themselves of services in various Australian community groups like clubs, institutions and so on. Hence, a person, on finding himself eligible for these disability services can come forward to receive the timely support they need by way of education, employment, and other crucial disability services that they need.

And it is with a scheme like this that Kirra Health Care works hand in hand, taking into consideration, every such individual’s circumstances and needs. And that is what makes us so unique and different from the rest of Australia’s disability servicesKirra Health Care is a nursing home that takes a special interest in every individual, providing each with a personal approach, not just in terms of meeting his/her daily challenges but also in becoming the best of what he can dream to be.

So, if you know anyone who is in such need, don’t hesitate to come forward to us, for this is what we at Kirra Health Care services are here for, your nursing home in a time of need.